Do Smartphone Lens Clips Work With Dual Camera Smartphones?

I Googled this question a few days ago, and couldn’t find a satisfactory answer for it. So, I decided to drop some pennies on Amazon, and run my own experiments to ascertain whether a dual camera-equipped smartphone – such as my Honor 8 – would be able to work with a lens clip kit, such as this one from VicTsing. Containing a wide angle, fisheye, and macro lens, these kits clip over your camera lens to give a wide angle, fisheye, or – you guessed it – a macro effect.

captain obvious
Thanks Captain!

For those of you just after a quick answer: yes. It works fine on my Honor 8, so you’re probably safe to invest in one of these little wonders.

For everyone still reading, it comes with a few caveats. Obviously, only one camera lens is going to be usable at a time. Yes, that’s somewhat obvious, but it’s worth pointing out that whatever use your second lens has is going to be rendered useless by the piece of plastic clip now obscuring it. The way the lenses are positioned means that the other lens is unlikely be able to see anything. As such, when I moved the clip to cover the secondary lens on my Honor 8, I got the following picture.

Check out that sick depth of field.

One of the things I was worried about with the lens clip is that the secondary lens would be able to see something, and that would lead to weird ghosting on the picture where the second lens captured the image without the clip’s effect. But as the above picture shows, that shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, that comes with the warning that every phone will have slightly different placements for their camera lenses, and so I can’t speak for any other smartphone – but, I’d imagine that it would be much the same.

And frankly, the set of clip lenses cost me £5.99. You could probably get them for even cheaper than that. And even if it doesn’t fit properly on your rear camera, the wide angle and fisheye lenses are pretty good on the front-facing “selfie” camera anyway.

I’ll have a full review for this specific lens kit up soon – but for now, consider the internet fully educated!

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  1. [ Smiles ] The most important thing is, that they work!

    1. tehmadness says:

      This is true! I just wanted to make a separate post for anyone who had the same questions as I did. I’ll post up the images I took using them in a more general review post 🙂

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