These AI-Generated Inspirational Posters Are The Funniest Thing

Twelve hours ago, I sent this Tweet:

What would be funny enough to prompt me to send a Tweet during (*gasp*) business hours? Only the funniest fucking thing you’re likely to see today. Inspirational posters, as created by an AI that’s been fed examples of what an inspirational poster is meant to look like. And the results are some of the funniest things you’ll see today.

We’ve seen Hearthstone cards before this, and recipes fairly recently, so what makes these so special? Probably the context of the meme itself. Inspirational posters are supposed to include the sorts of mushy sentiments that inspire people on to finish that novel of theirs, create amazing artwork, or get that job they really want. At least, that’s the theory. In practice, they’re more likely to be used by unscrupulous Facebook pages to farm Likes and Shares.

So when an AI with no real ability to gauge emotional reaction tries to create a poster to tug on human heartstrings, the result is often… interesting. And while most are misses, on occasion the AI gets it right – so right.

Some of them are curiously defiant.

They can order you to have an idea, but they can NEVER ORDER YOU to exercise regularly!
I feel this one.

Some of them are on the opposite end of the scale – bizarre orders mixed with what seems like life advice from another dimension.

If you want to get somewhere in life you have to try to be dead
Playing possum is the way to get ahead. I’ll try this tomorrow
If you are the only one who understands the garden, you must leave the garden
What the hell is in my garden?

Others are aggressively and sexually creepy, and make me worry about the AI. Has it been somehow been exposed to /r/theredpill?

Ensure that a stranger gets pregnant in the night
Is there a greater gift?
Sodomize the healing power of time
YEAH! Fuck Time right in it’s ass!

And then we have the ones that are funny because of the juxtaposition of the chosen image. These are my favourites.

"Don't poke fun at a friend. Why not just open your heart?" said Hitler, apparently
I think that’s a direct quote
Before inspiration, comes the slaughter
Look at his grumpy little face!

And then – sometimes – just sometimes, it gets it right, and gives you something vaguely inspiring.

Whenever you're depressed, remember that some people will love you no matter what.
That’s actually genuinely good advice, and quite sweet.


You can check out InspiroBot out for yourself – and I heavily recommend you do. If you need a little bit of cheering up today, this is probably going to be your saving throw for the day.

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