Castlevania On Netflix Is Brutal And Awesome

What’s up? Got nothing to watch, so you’re reading my blog? Well, I’m happy that you’re here, but if you haven’t watched the Castlevania series that Netflix just released, I suggest you get over there and watch it.

A quick warning before you type those magic words into Google – if you’re not one for brutal animated violence, it might be worth skipping. Sorry. But it’s one of the most unrelentingly brutal animations that Netflix has ever released. One of my associates compared it to Berserk in terms of sheer violence; and it’s easy to see why.

Castlevania skeletonsHere’s a quick rundown of the carnage you can expect to see:

  • People literally sliced in half – guts and all.
  • Dead babies (admittedly low quality, but still).
  • Close up shots of people waking up next to partners with their throats torn out.
  • A guy’s finger taken clean off with a whip.

So yeah, one to skip if you’re not a fan of that sort of thing.

For the rest of us, this is an awesome little rollercoaster of campy action, violence, and fun characters.The main villain, Dracula, has a brilliant sympathetic set-up, yet never ceases to be threatening. The protagonist, Trevor Belmont, while a tad trite, is fun enough to make watching not a chore. The cast supporting characters are a little weak until the last episode, but set-up well enough that I’m excited to see more of them in the next series.

Castlevania Dracula

However, it’s painfully obvious that this was a two-hour pilot broken up into four episodes, and essentially works as a four episode trailer for series 2. But it’s a great little ride nonetheless, and something you should check out if you’re a fan of the Castlevania games, animated series, or just a tad bored. Well worth the two hours of your life, if only for the fun you’ll have along the way.

I’m not a usual watcher of Netflix, but I think I’ll be watching once we get a second series of Castlevania. Bravo, Netflix!

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